Most of us have likely experienced heartbreak to some extent, whether that is the result of a relationship breakup or otherwise.

If you have suffered the phenomenon of a bad breakup, you may also be familiar with the bounce-back upon mending your broken heart.

Achieving the “revenge body”, or more healthily known as the post-breakup “glow-up”, is the staple of many romantic comedies. Though, this mindset has also influenced the real world to take action after getting heartbroken.

This article explores why people often want to get in shape after a breakup, and our top tips for getting started!

The Benefits of a Post-Breakup Glow-Up

It’s common for people to start an exercise and nutrition routine after going through the initial stages of a breakup. This is thought to be a positive way to move on, making us feel better physically and mentally.

Channeling your negative experiences into exercise can be a healthy way to make progress. It gives you something to do, a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and an opportunity to socialize and distract your mind.

5 Top Tips for Getting in Shape After a Breakup

1) Plan your training regime

While we would normally suggest working on your nutrition first, it’s understandable that after a break-up you may want to be more physically distracted by exercise and activity. Plus, getting your body moving first and foremost would be more beneficial!

Choose how many days you would like to train per week, and what kind of training you would like to do. Try choosing activities and workouts that you enjoy doing, yet are challenging enough for you to make progress and feel that sense of accomplishment afterward.

2) Plan your nutrition

Next up, make some small changes to your diet. Focus on health instead of fat loss! Begin by eating more vegetables and protein, and reducing the amount of highly processed foods in your diet.

Also, try to drink more water and get into a mealtime routine!

3) Sleep well

After going through a breakup, your sleep schedule may have taken a hit. It’s key to get into a good sleep routine once again, which will enable you to adhere to the training and nutrition changes you are implementing.

4) Start slow

Try not to take on too much at once. Change a couple of things at a time, and make adjustments when needed!

5) Track progress

Don’t forget to track your progress. Take measurements and progress pictures so you can visually see your progress after a few weeks.

Getting in Shape After a Breakup: Downsides

While wanting to get into shape after a breakup is a very positive move towards becoming more physically and mentally healthy, there are some possible downsides to be aware of to ensure you are embarking on the healthiest approach.

It’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself to make changes, especially very fast. Try not to fall victim to transformation programs and other fad diets that pressure you to look a certain way.

Instead, make small, healthy changes that allow your body and mind time to adapt and respond. This would result in better adherence and better results!

Additionally, try not to use your breakup experience as the sole excuse for wanting to look a different way. While the “revenge body” does have some useful motivation behind it, it also has some negative connotations and can influence an unhealthy mindset around your goals and motivations.

The Take-Home Message

You should be wanting to make these positive health changes for yourself and only yourself.

Living your best, healthiest life in the way that works for you will be the best approach to “glowing up”!